Saturday, May 26, 2012

Update: Closet Frame

My dad came and helped Merle last night on the closet....(while Mom helped with the insanity of my children!) So they got it framed up...

It is so incredibly tall! I love it!!!

Took us a while....I'm a little picky....the lines HAVE to match up! They just have to!
Thank you gracious Hubby for putting up with me!!

Test run to double check that the bag will in fact fit! Thanks Daddy!

(Update...seeing the bag in there made us decide not to put a second shelf up there...I'd never be able to reach it!)

I'm a little A LOT giddy about this progress! (Plus we realized that we didn't get any shelving which might result in a trip to Menards....which ALWAYS means DaTe NiGhT!!! And since Tues is our SEVEN year anniversary...I see that as a very good thing!)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Linen Closet Madness

So lately my GREATEST obsession is my soon to be linen closet! I have never lived in a house with a linen closet and thanks to my wonderful hubby....I'M GETTING ONE IN THE NEW BEDROOM!!!

This is a crazy little dream of mine. Even when I was a little girl (ok maybe at least a teenager) I loved linen closets! I remember Gramma's always smelling so so so good! I love it when you have clean linen in a closet, a box or trunk and then when you open it...ah clean laundry smell. Well actually in this house my linens are a little like this....a sheet here in this drawer, a pillowcase in the buffet in the dining room....etc. It's crazy!

The linen closet of my dreams is like this....Baskets to hold the sheets. Each sheet set tied with a ribbon and a size label. Here are some pictures of my inspiration....(Can't stand Martha Stewart in action...but adore her organizational mind and crafty ways!)

I'm really quite glad that I'm not the only nut job that can't wait to have my linens in order! I have a plethora of towels so I'm sure that some of those will find a home in the closet as well. I should have measured to see if my upholstery cleaner would fit in there...but then again...we're going for pretty here!!

So a friend of mine sells Thirty One and I'm IN LOVE with their goods! I can't even say that I have a favorite because it's all so good! I have this huge bag (false, I have TWO of these)....

...and I use it for EVERYTHING! Load it with the grocery bags & take less trips from the car to the house, going to the lake/river/camping, quilting outings, laundry basket, traveling toy box, the list literally goes on and on and on!

Anyways as I was doing laundry and folding sheets and putting them in my large utility tote, I asked my Darling Husband if he thought that 2 of these bags would fit sideways in the new linen closet....he said, "Uh babe, Four of those will fit in long ways."
At that point I almost hyperventilated!
(He responded, "It scares me a little at the way that your whole face just lit up!")

(You can find these totes and SO many more at Amanda's website HERE!!! Double bonus for the company is that they are a Christian company based on Proverbs that!)  

So the storage basket issue is solved! Since the closet is so high, it won't be overly convenient to get in and out of so having the ability to just grab a bag and then slide it back up there will be nice. I'm still trying to decide if I should get them monogrammed on the ends so they are labeled....hmmm....thoughts anyone?

Ready to see the 'plans'?...they're pretty rough since I made them in Microsoft Word...but you'll get the point!

Isn't it great!? So it's going to be above our regular closet since in an old house you just have to take what you can get. We raised our ceiling about 13 inches or so i think which gives us 28 inches about the closet. (i think, don't quote me!)....
(stay tuned I just found and AMAZING idea!!!! Another day; another remodel!)
Above the four bag shelf will be another shelf....what to put up there? Just blankets? Misc Storage? Hmm not sure.....

Anyways...Wednesday the ma-in-law had a meeting in town, so the sis in law and I hit Menard's for the closet supplies. (Is it necessary to point out that we were able to do all of this without the assistance of a worker bee and in only 50 minutes? I think yes!)

 So technically, the following pictures are the 'BEFORE' photos of the closet....

(She was so cute holding on to it! Look at her white knuckles! We had to borrow Cowboy Paxton's rope to tie the load together so it wouldn't shift on them...(Didn't get his picture! :( oops!) Once I got out the camera she got all cheesy but before she was serious as can she was thinking, 'Good thing one of us is sane!')

This was before the Wal-Mart leg of the journey! By the time we headed home, this what the load included: 8- 2x4 precut studs, 8-1x4x10s, 6- 1x6x10s, 1-1x8x10, 4 drywall corners (3- 6' 9" & 1- 9 ft), 4 sticks quarter round (8 ft), 2 children, 3 adults, 5 tiki torch sticks, big bundle paper towels, 8 Wal-Mart sacks, three birthday presents, toys/games for the kids & our lunch! There was no changing the radio or the temperature...well I could turn it up or down....It was an adventure! :)

I totally can hardly wait for Merle to be able to put this bad boy in! I'm giddy about it!

I'm listing a few of my newly found favorite organization blogs....

I hope you all enjoy my bestie just can't believe I could obsess so much over a linen closet...she doesn't get it...her house is modern and has lots of storage, like her laundry that has it's own room...isn't that right Jenn!?

And now for that AMAZING storage idea.....

Find that link HERE. There's some neat 'history' behind the idea.

Speaking of stairs, look where I found my son sleeping yesterday morning!!!

Ok I believe that's all for today! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by the Pinwheel Pioneer!

Friday, May 18, 2012

I give you....Blogger Conglomeration!

This is just a modge podge of pictures of my latest projects....They keep rolling in! :) Beware...inspiration just may hit you upside the head! Ha ha! Enjoy!


This paint....Equals....These beautiful re dos!! Made for my sister in law's patio! I'm pleased!

 I love the little owl next to this one! Whimsy!

Merle's Father's Day present to go on his night stand in the 'new room.' It has a black easel to go on. (Also a spray paint project but didn't take a picture of it!) I thought this was fitting and sweet and wonderful! (My bro in law cut the board for me...I used scrapbook letter stickers for the words. Covered with mega coats of clear spray paint...still waiting for it to dry...may have to resort to a schlack of some sort. I love it!)

I have learned that demo is a dusty hot exhausting job! This is what it looked like before I shoveled all of the debris out the window to the back of the pickup. (I am now a shoulder patient at McMeen Physical Therapy I used to work for only feels right to advertise!) The sad thing about the debris loading is that it took me ALL DAY to shovel into the pickup and that load filled one teeny tiny hole in the in law's driveway....It was a PICK UP LOAD FULL! I was so let down...I thought for sure it would at least dam up the Dismal River. Sad day!

Stay @ Home Mama turns Rouge! I was dying of dust inhalation! Plus I thought it was funny!
So did P.

Ah Beautiful drywall! That's a wonderful sight to handsome studmuffin on a ladder...oh and look at that new window! (And my son in his dino footy jammas...yet again!) So close to done...with drywall!

Now Mama's home alone to get some stuff done! Better get after it! Rest assured that there are more projects underway...but who wants to see half done projects!?

Here's my list:
1. Quilt wall hanging
2. Garden tool box painted/hung-almost done with this one
3. Jewelry Box
4. Growth Chart
5. Closet Door Surprise- not telling! You can't make me!
6. Photo Faux Canvas
7. Family Picture Frame (made from the boards in the ceiling...hello 1921!)
8. Stained Headboard

(Not to mention the packing/sorting of clothing, the taping/mudding/texturing/painting of drywall, the sanding/sealing of the floor....oh my I have a lot to do!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Thanks to my friend, Jenni, and her blog post "Favorite Five," I feel inspired to post something...anything, despite the fact that I'm only half way done with about a thousand projects...I feel that posting on any one of those would be very anticlimactic and we're going for big wow power! (To all the English teachers who might be reading this post...I realize that sentence is in no way correct!)

So I give you my version of "Fave Five"....

1. Favorite past time as of late: Gardening. I've been working in Addy's garden to 'deweed' and mulch and decorate. I'm waiting for my bulbs to come up in my 'Gnome Sweet Gnome' garden so I can re plant them and see what we have to work with. I love that everything in Addy's Garden has buds on it. I can't wait for them to open!

2. Favorite saying of all time: This little gem has gotten me through some tough things.

Believe in yourself. You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face. You must do that which you think you cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt

3. Fave Recipe: 'Chelsea Chicken' (named because I got the recipe from my friend Chelsea and I didn't know what to call it so it was usually "Ya know that chicken asparagus artichoke rice dish that Chelsea makes'...and I'm too lazy to call it that every time!
  • Chicken breasts (4 medium) (Canned chicken works well if you're in a time pinch)
  • can (or 2) artichoke hearts, drained
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (small amount)
  • frozen asparagus (fresh works too)
  • wild rice
Heat fry pan over medium heat. Cover bottom of pan with small amount of EVOO. Add chicken, artichokes & asparagus. Cover with lid and cook until chicken is done. Serve over wild rice.

4. Favorite thing I saw today:

I really don't know how this happened...but I almost wet myself when I found her! She's pretty proud of her self as you can tell in the picture! Everyone loves Spiderman!

5. Fave Summer Activity: Canoeing/Camping with the family. My husband and I love love love canoeing the Dismal River and have quite a system worked out. He paddles while I look at the scenery...once in a while he says paddle left or right and I do and we do great! Looking forward to a few trips on the river this year! Oh bring on the sunburn and bugs and cold cold river!!

Well that about sums up my 'Fave Five' for today anyways! I hope you are all enjoying this fine day!