Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Keeping the Spark Alive

Wow! Long time no post! Not because life has been uneventful...but who wants to hear about (or see) the aftermath of the flu!? Not even me...and I know coz I was there! At any rate.....

The Hubbs and I have been married for seven years as of May 29. We've had a happy marriage despite many (and sometimes severe) downs to go with the ups. We are a 'budget' family thanks to several student loans, our vehicle/house expenses, not to mention life with 2 kids. Money aside, we are both very busy and highly involved in the community. Amidst all of that, we feel that date night is extremely vital to the health of our relationship. But due to highly busy schedules and dwindling checkbook balances, we can't always afford date night out.

Plus it's evident all around us that you can't just put your marriage on auto pilot and expect to be on the 50% of marriages that survive. This scares me that in my group of friends it's very likely that at least some of them will be victims of that statistic.

In an effort to maintain our togetherness times, I started searching for some night and popcorn gets old after matter how many efforts to 'change it up...' (Red faced wink!) Living 45+ minutes away from a McDonalds makes even the lowest cost intention not so low cost. We even tried making out grocery night and our date night one in the same....again not so good.

Plus as a stay at home mom it is very easy for me to view my husband as Daddy. You know the second string quarterback to give me some relief. Or as my complaining bucket....or as my back up chef...or as the enforcer. And while he is all of those things...I don't want to forget the spark that started our relationship. I don't want to lose the US in all of the chaos of life.

Plus I'm so keenly aware that he needs to be encouraged and built up too. He needs to know that I still find him attractive and I love him for him. Not just for the things that he does...or the fact that he's half of the reason I'm dealing with this chaos! Us ladies expect our men to shower us with compliments and encouragment...but we desperately need to return the favor. And isn't he just so wonderful! I still love and need him as much as I did almost a decade ago! ( right back...I drooled a little!)

So I found a few websites that I'd like to share with you. I hope that you and your hubbs will be able to carve some time (and resourses) out of LIFE and get reconnected! It's SO important! God created us for each other to love each other. So without further adew....I give you my top 5 'date your husband' sites.....

5.  Pinterest: a great place to find great ideas to love on your spouse. (If you aren't a member let me know and I'll send you in invite!)

4. Happy Home Fairy: This gal has a zest for life, her family and her husband. There are many many good ideas not only for loving her man but for her family and her home as well. Good Christian input which is vital for me. I especially love her free printables. (Join me in praying for her and her family. God is doing amazing things for them: their second baby was born with some health issues. She's been so faithful to share their journey of faith through this.)

3. Women Living Well-  This is more of an article about the importance (and 'evolution') of date night. LOVE this! Don't forget to read through the comments: there are a few good ideas that just might fit for you.
(Please also look through her's amazing!!! Oh how your heart will swell!)

2. GraceFull Mama: (marriage tab) Joy has a beautiful heart for her husband and the Lord. Lots of good articles from her as well as guests.

1. The Dating Divas: This is a blog written by I think 11 married gals with ideas from dates, to gifts, to beauty tips....and everything in between! This is not necessarily a Christian sight but from what I have read a wholesome pro-healthy marriage site. I will warn you (which they do as well) some of the post may make you blush and aren't for everyone. But some really great ideas! I love their motto which is "Strengthening Marriages One Date at a Time."

I hope that you will take the time to find some great ideas to do with your husbands. Second to our relationships with the Lord, our marriage is the most important relationship to keep healthy! I believe that when those two are healthy, the rest will fall into place. (I said I believe that, not that I'm always confident in it!)

Leave a comment to share your ideas and favorite date nights with the rest of us!