Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Travel Kits for the kiddos

I realize Pinwheel Pioneer has been AWOL for a while! Like a whole MONTH!!! I have good reasons I promise...I'm not just avoiding you!
This morning I got inspired....I get inspired at the strangest times with the strangest things. Like right now I'm sitting in a chaotic house full of dishes to do and laundry to wash and just general picking up to be done...but the kids are happy! And we're going on a little trip this weekend so for some strange reason I decided to make the kids little travel kits for Grandma's house. (These will make excellent stocking stuffers too...I am my mother's daughter and Christmas is coming RIGHT up!)
The original idea came from the Hobby Shack in Broken Bow. I found this cute little toothbrush holder made out of a large washcloth folded up a little ways from the bottom.....
.....then a ribbon stitched to the middle to tie it closed..... favorite part is how you can roll it up so that no one's toothbrush head touches the other ones!
Oh yes and the fact that you just toss it in the wash if it gets tooth pasty
or otherwise germy...hello! They're toothbrushes! Gag! 
I started with a cool washcloth that Paxton got from somewhere (I'd wager to bet it was Grandma...but she's innocent til proven guilty!)
I stitched a black ribbon to the middle (paint the ends with clear nail polish to keep it from fraying)...
Since I'm a cheapo and I just buy the 4 pack of tooth brushes and not kid sized ones I had to alter the pattern a bit since the kiddy washcloth was a smidge smaller. I just cut a washcloth in half and stitched it to the bottom half of his. (His I did right sides together and turned...Lyla's I just stitched...I think her's is better...) Then stitch the middle of the lower half and make four 'slots.'
I put in his tooth paste, tooth brush and a small bottle of soap.
Roll it up and viola!
His closes weird since the bottles are so short and the toothbrush is so tall. So I moved the ribbon down for Lyla's. Repeat the same steps....
I like how her's closes a lot better.
 I also stitched the ribbon with the dividers so it stays in place better.
 I put soap, toothpaste, tooth brush and a small thing of powder since she's still in diapers...
Grandma can powder her post bath bum.
Now we're all ready for our trip!
**Next time I do a kid sized one, I think I'll just buy the shorter toothbrushes and fold the bottom of the washcloth up a little bit...I think everything will fit better. (I'm thinking this will be GREAT for my Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes this year!)
Every year we pack a shoe box full of goodies for a less fortunate child in various parts of the world. We have done this since Paxton was one and since then he's helped me pick out the items for 'his boy'...this is a great way to teach kids the importance of helping those in need, as well as show the love of Christ. Please consider packing a shoe box this year!!
Visit for more information on how to pack a shoe box, where to send it and just what the Samaritan's Purse is achieving with all of these shoe boxes!
Happy Travels...or Stocking Stuffing....or Shoe Boxing....!