My Sweet Addy Rose

I've added this page to the blog to share the life of little Addy. Bear with me as I share my experiences with the hope that God will be glorified and you the reader will be blessed. I want to share my heart, the fruits of my gardening labor and keep her memory alive.

So here's the beginning....

I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl on June 12, 2009. Addison be called Addy. She had a very dark complexion and was sweet to the core. Was such a quiet docile baby. On August 29, 2009 at 78 days old, God took her Home. She died of SIDS during her nap. Nothing can describe the gut wrenching pain...tears and sobs coming from deep deep within. Nothing can prepare you for the pain. That was a Saturday.

The next day our church was planning to have a special gathering and baptism (i think). My husband and I decided that going to church as usual would be the best thing for us. To keep some sense of normalcy in our lives and in Paxton's life. Going to that church service (which was outdoors and very casual) was THE best step we took to begin this journey. I have never felt so loved and so supported as I did on that day and the days to follow. We felt such a strong out pouring from our little tiny community of 600(ish).

The funeral was the following Sat...(i think it was Labor Day weekend). My husband, Merle, made our sweet girl's casket out of cedar (to make it pink ish) with the help of some dear friends. It turned out so beautiful. We poured our hearts into her funeral knowing that we'd never get to throw her a birthday party, send her to prom or help her plan her wedding.

Our church is located next to the cemetery where she was to be buried so we decided to just walk from the church to the grave. I can still remember the sound of so many feet following us. I think that there were 200 signatures in the guest book....i didn't count how many people belonged in each family that signed. The crunch of gravel is forever engrained in my ears. After a sweet graveside service, we released 78 pink for each of her sweet little days.

After the service, we were left to figure out how to start the process of healing. This year will be 3 years. In the 33 months since her passing, we've planted a memory garden....that's what this page will hopefully be centered on....hopefully you won't always need a box of kleenex to make it through! But since it's March and nothing is'll just have come back and see 'how my garden grows'....

(This is my Addy's a work in progress..what isn't right?)

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  1. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I will never forget...