Friday, December 21, 2012

Waterproof Training Pants...aka Cloth Pull ups!!

We are in the early stages of potty training sweet Lyla. Now that we are past the stage where she thinks her belly button is the that her big brother uses to water the world!

This is her 'dotta doe potty' this summer!
We pretty much have it figured out...Lyla and Mommy are "hims" and Daddy and Brother are "hers"...ok we don't have it figured out...but we at least now know that Mommy and Lyla are the same as are Daddy and now you get me!
Well, thanks to Pinterest, Gramma Deb had the great idea of waterproof training pants. When Lyla's birthday and Christmas went by with no waterproof training pants made by her...I took the hint and starting looking for the pin she was talking about!
So I found it...and it's really quite easy...time consuming...but easy!
I followed her instructions pretty much word for word...but there are a few things I'd change...but first-We brag!!


 So cute right!?
So here's the run down. They are Gerber Training Pants from Wal-mart, I added 3 layers of flannel to the insides and 1 layer of PUL to the outside. PUL stands for something to do with any rate it's for making cloth diapers (stay tuned!!)  I waterproofed 6 pairs of Gerber Training pants. Mom bought some for her birthday and I lined two of them with flannel but as I was sewing the 6th white/cupcake pair, I realized that this will probably not be a very long lived potty training endeavor. So decided to stop while I was ahead!
Things I learned:
-I am NOT good at making patterns! (I did finally make one...which I will gladly share with anyone who wants it! Just ask!)
-I read up on PUL and the 'net recommends using polyester thread to keep it from making too big of holes in the PUL to cut down on leaks....however, polyester thread is no es bueno to work with! It broke and skipped stitches periodically. So once my enormo spool of polyester thread is done, I doubt I'll buy it again!
-My daughter has zero I had to take them in on the sides quite a bit to make them work. Also when I put them on her since they are a little bulky/stiff I push the leg bands into the folds in her legs. (If that makes sense)
Otherwise the PUL is pretty easy to sew with. Pretty stretchy so easy to make work without pinning a bunch.
So far we've had 2 accidents and the first time, only the leg bands were wet but her pants stayed dry. Second time, in a pair I hadn't taken in it leaked out more. But kept the floor and couch dry.
Now for the cost break down:
2- 3 pks of Gerber Training Pants @ $8/each= $16
1/4 yard (with some left over) PUL @ $11.99/yard= $2.99
1 yard flannel @ $4/yard=$4
Total for this project is: $22.99
Which is the equivalent to just over one box of Pull Ups.
**In the time that I've been writing this blog we've had 2 just pee and one poop and pee. Pants got slightly wet but floor/couch did not. Ly still got the feel of wet panties although she's developed this sweet little "sorry I wet my 'cupcakes' but I am still the cutest thing in this room" face that makes it really hard to reprimand her! This is only day two. At any rate, I can handle wet unders and pants if I don't have to handle wet couch/carseat/floor/lap/etc!
Have I mentioned that I'm doing cloth diapers with Babe? Well this is REALLY good practice for me! Wow! I just keep watching that 'diaper pail' fill up with laundry!
Stay Calm and Save the Environment!!
Ok so now you all think I'm nuts! And I gotta go sew a waterproof bag to put these babies in and a cloth liner for the diaper pail. I'm beginning to wonder if two liners is perhaps a good idea!
I'd love to hear your input about potty training, on the go and at home....oh and no I won't make these to sell! But the gal with the tutorial above makes them to sell...for $30 for 3 pairs.

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