Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In the past month....

....we've worked, played, camped, read, cooked, finished, ran, sweated, paraded, grown, learned, celebrated, visited, loved and rested....and I got it all (almost) on camera!!

Worked: We've worked more on the bedroom, the garden, the lawn, our jobs...etc!
  • Bedroom is nearly done...done enough for me! Merle still needs to trim the window and I gotta decide on what to do with the closet doors....it's so pretty...I wake up in the morning and just smile at the loveliness around me!

  • Addy's Garden is growing well despite the dry weather. It's the first year since we put it in that it hasn't flooded! So I actually had to pull dry ground weeds like goat heads! The flowers are not as vibrant as some years but everything is doing well! We have our first (and only) apple! The high winds broke our flag rope so that stinks...

Also from the high winds brought lots of damage to my in-laws farm...so lots of work to help restore that...and get ready for Farmer's Market.


 My kids love to 'act' for the camera! I love it! Happy face. :) Sad Face :(

 Mommy and P on the Ferris Wheel!

Daddy and Lyla (I love his soft spot for her!)

This year was too dry for fireworks (plus I really get nervous with sparklers and kids!) so we pulled out the glow sticks and shut the flash off on the camera and made some cool pictures!

Kids are ready for the river!

Merle and I took P on his first canoe trip...I think he had more fun with his cousin Evan on dry land than in the river!

Camping is always good for reading a good book! So far I finished:
-The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks
 (terrible ending...like he ran out of time and needed to be done....there better be a sequel!!)

- A Time to Dance by Karen Kingsbury...
Super good book...downfall? Couldn't put it down and lost sleep! But yes I'll read the next one...and the next one....Hello Coffee Cup!

Currently Reading: Emma by Jane Austen
I find myself reading in a British Accent...is that odd?

Campfire cooking is so fun! Our favorite recipe is Walking Tacos (esp when you're feeding a group of newbies! They love this idea!)

I ran a 5k in Ogallala on June 28 with a few gals....which proved to be a great time...despite the heat (104 degrees!) and time zone confusion! Then ran 2 miles with my Mama and a few others on the 4th....not as hot...still super fun!

Our shirts say: I've run everywhere, Man...the back list our runs. Ten cities for this mama!


We got to be in the Fourth of July Parade for the first time! Merle got to drive a team (a lifelong dream!) dressed as author James Herriot. The theme of the parade was the wonderful world of books...our book was 'All Creatures Great and Small' (Arnold Animal Clinic...get it? Coz he's a vet?) We don't think James Herriot had a wife in that book...but if he did...I tried my best to play the part of what she would have been like....in reality I had a BLAST! I ran out of candy prematurely...Merle kept telling me 'save it for the kids....Honey that's an old lady she doesn't need candy....Babe there's no kids in that group.' I pretty much threw candy at anyone who waved at me....SO FUN!


Not my first niece but the first on my side! Audrina Anne arrived on Friday July 6...happy and healthy and darling...and I think looks a bit like Aunt Leron! :) She is so sweet! My kids absolutely love her! It's fun to have cousins on my side now!
(I had to get permission to post this pic...or else I'd have bunches more!!!
Darn overprotective bossy picture hogging first time parents!!! JK!)

Now we've had a few days to rest up and get ready for our family vacay to Rapid City...can't wait! And yet I'm a little tired just thinking about it! Be ready for more photo journaling!

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