Friday, May 18, 2012

I give you....Blogger Conglomeration!

This is just a modge podge of pictures of my latest projects....They keep rolling in! :) Beware...inspiration just may hit you upside the head! Ha ha! Enjoy!


This paint....Equals....These beautiful re dos!! Made for my sister in law's patio! I'm pleased!

 I love the little owl next to this one! Whimsy!

Merle's Father's Day present to go on his night stand in the 'new room.' It has a black easel to go on. (Also a spray paint project but didn't take a picture of it!) I thought this was fitting and sweet and wonderful! (My bro in law cut the board for me...I used scrapbook letter stickers for the words. Covered with mega coats of clear spray paint...still waiting for it to dry...may have to resort to a schlack of some sort. I love it!)

I have learned that demo is a dusty hot exhausting job! This is what it looked like before I shoveled all of the debris out the window to the back of the pickup. (I am now a shoulder patient at McMeen Physical Therapy I used to work for only feels right to advertise!) The sad thing about the debris loading is that it took me ALL DAY to shovel into the pickup and that load filled one teeny tiny hole in the in law's driveway....It was a PICK UP LOAD FULL! I was so let down...I thought for sure it would at least dam up the Dismal River. Sad day!

Stay @ Home Mama turns Rouge! I was dying of dust inhalation! Plus I thought it was funny!
So did P.

Ah Beautiful drywall! That's a wonderful sight to handsome studmuffin on a ladder...oh and look at that new window! (And my son in his dino footy jammas...yet again!) So close to done...with drywall!

Now Mama's home alone to get some stuff done! Better get after it! Rest assured that there are more projects underway...but who wants to see half done projects!?

Here's my list:
1. Quilt wall hanging
2. Garden tool box painted/hung-almost done with this one
3. Jewelry Box
4. Growth Chart
5. Closet Door Surprise- not telling! You can't make me!
6. Photo Faux Canvas
7. Family Picture Frame (made from the boards in the ceiling...hello 1921!)
8. Stained Headboard

(Not to mention the packing/sorting of clothing, the taping/mudding/texturing/painting of drywall, the sanding/sealing of the floor....oh my I have a lot to do!)

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