Saturday, May 26, 2012

Update: Closet Frame

My dad came and helped Merle last night on the closet....(while Mom helped with the insanity of my children!) So they got it framed up...

It is so incredibly tall! I love it!!!

Took us a while....I'm a little picky....the lines HAVE to match up! They just have to!
Thank you gracious Hubby for putting up with me!!

Test run to double check that the bag will in fact fit! Thanks Daddy!

(Update...seeing the bag in there made us decide not to put a second shelf up there...I'd never be able to reach it!)

I'm a little A LOT giddy about this progress! (Plus we realized that we didn't get any shelving which might result in a trip to Menards....which ALWAYS means DaTe NiGhT!!! And since Tues is our SEVEN year anniversary...I see that as a very good thing!)

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