Thursday, June 7, 2012

Update: One more step closer!

I'm pleased to announce.....we have texture AND a working closet!!!! Yes, at this point I'm squeezing all of the excitement out of this long drawn out process!

In case you can't tell...that's the texture. Funny story Merle says, "Babe, can you come hold the cardboard while I texture around the windows and doors?" Me: "Sure! Should I change my clothes?" (My enthusiasm is because up until this point he has flat out refused ANY help with the mudding. I really wanted to help. But amateurs are NOT welcome to help with mudding...til now.) He replied, 'No they'll wash.'
(Ladies, at this point always get more clarification of that....I realize now that I should have asked a question requiring a more specific answer...)
So I hold the cardboard just so to keep our window, closet, etc from becoming covered in a 'heavy orange peel' texture. I positioned it...and I should have looked at my husband because I'm POSITIVE he'd have had a Texas sized grin on his face as he BLASTED me with texture! No joke I felt a little like the girl in Jurassic Park who pets the big brachiosauraus who lets out a big dino-sized sneeze and covers her in snot! I mean I might as well have just used my body to block the window! But of course I'm thinking this is probably very enjoyable for did I complain? ZERO! I just stood there as he sprampted me with dry wall mud! I keep trying to think if there was a better way to hold it...or if it's just like a initiation into the 'secret circle of mudding experts.' I'll never know if he saw that coming or not...and there are no pictures of this because that would have outed my feigned 'aloofness' at the opportunity to be helping with the mud job. I took my glasses off and it was just like the cartoons....a perfect outline!

I hauled the dresser into the closet today so I can actually start putting laundry away as I get it done...because, thanks to unforeseen circumstances (ahem sanding!), most of our clean laundry that was folded neatly thrown in a heap outside the bedroom door now has a nice layer of dust and dry wall mud on it (ahem texturing with no door....awesome) so I'm very anxious to be able to PUT CLOTHES AWAY!!! I am aware that I still need to paint but I'm 1000% sure that I can paint without affecting the cleanliness of our clothing! I'm so happy to see that pile outside of our bedroom door slowly shrinking! And shoes have a home!'s the small things for sure!

We are scheduled to paint tomorrow! Aka laugh, giggle, and pee our pants....and by WE, I in no way mean Merle and I...he hasn't been inducted into the 'secret circle of painting experts.' (so there!) I have a dear friend who most definitely owes me a painting favor....(you know who you are, Mrs. Owner of DownHome Emporium!)  I'd be tackling the paint job tonight but I've got a baby shower to host....and no way am I going to that all hyped up on paint fumes and with paint in my hair! One shower in a day is good enough for me!

So hear are the latest closet photos:
(Probably should have painted the dresser...another YEAR another furniture upgrade!) 

Today I also sorted out our hangers. My husband and I have severely different opinions of hangers. I will only use the plastic ones with the notch in them for shirts....he however refuses to use them! I have finally gotten him to convert a tiny bit to plastic hangers without the notches. I'm married to joke. He is so strong without even realizing it. I have seen him break a hanger and rip a shirt taking it off the notchy hanger. So I sorted them out. Mine on the right (same side of the bed I sleep on); his on the left. And yes our drawers are's not really necessary...I just had a hay day with the labeler one day.
  I'm also realizing that the Hubbs made the closet considerably thanks dear!

Bag #1 of sheets and linens...not organized mind you...but up and out of the way! Yahoo!

This little guy was absolutely necessary for getting said bag into closet! It's gonna be handy!

Mama's shoe hanger to find all of my shoes! This makes me more excited that I can tell you!  Can I get a Ka-Chi-ga?!

So thanks for stopping by today! I'd love to hear about your closet husband and I can't be the only kooks out there!

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