Thursday, April 19, 2012

Churn Dash: two ways

Inadvertently, I used the same block pattern twice with very different results! I realize that, despite the quilting connotation in my blog's name, this is my first quilting post! Enjoy!

The quilt on the left was made for Mr Eli who was born Feb 13. The print is old toys and the stripes look like old pillows, complete with a faux staining.

The quilt on the right was made for Miss Aly, born April 12. I love the bright modern look to this traditional block.

Both quilts are backed with minky fabric. Eli's with brown and Aly's with black.

The Churn Dash is a very old 9-Patch quilt block pattern, originating between 1800 and 1849. Its name is a result of the resemblance of the triangle and rectangle perimeter of the block to a butter churn and the center square to the stick (or “dash”) of the butter churn.

An easy pattern for the churn dash block can be found at  Eli's quilt is simply 6 churn dash blocks.  Aly's quilt uses just 5 churn dash blocks along with 10 1/2 inch setting blocks from the large print.

I love this block because it's so traditional and sappy ole me can't help but think about all the pioneer mama's who made this quilt in anticipation of their little bundles of joy and brides who slept under churn dash quilts made alongside their friends and family in preparation of their weddings. How many churn dash quilts traveled across this country as it's owner followed their dreams? Ah the sentiment of it all!

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