Friday, April 13, 2012

Remodel Part One

This post needs very little wording...except this....up to this point all of this has been MY handiwork....NOT my big burly husband....(Yes I'd like to hear a 'What what?") But now I'm to a point where I need the big muscles! And the handiman's knowledge of the best way to get carpet out of a closet withouth removing the closet there a way? Maybe cut it? I'm stumped...and a little sweaty so I gave up!

Here you have it...the part of the remodel where our bedroom has no carpet...a pleasant surprise...and our bed is in our living room! (Unlike the last remodel where our bed was in the kitchen....we like to keep it exciting!)

Before! Plain jane and so drab...and definitely not romantic!

 Can I just point out the vertical boards that don't go all the way to the floor? And yes I vaccuumed just prior to pulling the carpet up....A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

 Who needs a couch!It's gonna be a little cluttered for a while!

And surprise! Well not really surprise coz I saw the edges were wood just wasn't sure what i'd find underneath! And YAY!! Wood floors!

So it finally got dark outside, Daddy came home, and I really need to wash my hands and my face one more time before I eat....that carpet was el grosso!!

Stay tuned!

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