Monday, November 19, 2012

A little thing I like to call "Mommy Phenomenon"

So the flu bug hit Paxton last night. And this stay at home (aka not the one that has to get up and go out in public) mom got to do full shift last night. And after about the 15th trip to dump 'the bucket', something occurred to me. In my pregnant glory, I have gotten sick over many things....the deer hanging in my front yard, the texture of potatoes, my own tongue in my mouth....but I didn't get sick once last night. How is that even possible? With my eldest in the next room, 'giving it all he's got' I just stayed calm, got up dumped it, even got some on me once. And not even one hint of a gag. (This morning is a different story....Thankful for Zofran!)

So as I was laying there trying to sleep all I could think about was this is it possible that I can go from gagging over a PEE diaper one day and dealing with El Sicko with zero trouble? I know there are many parts to this mommy phenomenon beyond dealing with sick kiddies, like the eyes in the back of the head, knowing by the look in their eyes that they have a fever, knowing when they're snatching a treat out of the treat jar. Something happens when one becomes a mom. And it's awesome! God really knew what he was doing! (I wonder if Mary had the mom sense what with her son being part God and all....)

Being pregnant with my fourth kid I feel somewhat like a mom I'm gonna share some of my 'night time sickness warrior' supplies.......

Sleep mask: #1 can't live without! Blocks out all the light of the 'Brighter than the Equator at noon' nightlight....the night light itself is a must. Nothing is worse than El Sicko fumbling around in the dark to find El Bucket...NOTHING! (Also I almost always have towels that need washed for some reason....put those on all sides of Sickie...just in case)
Popcorn Thingy: Helps with the inevitable crick in the neck from couch sleeping (and also to ward off the headache I had to start with...Mommy's just can't win!) (Also helps with the 'Darn I'm sleeping by myself and not with my super warm blooded husband' chills.)
I have quite possibly THE MOST COMFORTABLE COUCH in the world. I'm not even kidding. 'Nuff said!
The Good Doctor is a must for this am. Coffee is more of a 'feel good' drink for me. Nostalgic really. Dr Pepper is really where it's at. (Blah blah pregnant blah blah not good for you..yeah yeah)
There you have it in a nut Mommy's gotta go get ready for the day! (Aka put on make up and pretend like I didn't spend the whole night playing nurse!)
And my local gals...I can in fact hook you up with either a sleep mask or a popcorn thing or both!
I'd love to hear from you on your 'tried and true' Mom Tricks!

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  1. Isn't it something how we can just go through the motions? :) time after time, the sick phase passes and we still survive! This is gross, but probably one of my worst in-the-middle-of-the-night experiences was when Laura rolled over against the wall in her top bunk, hurled, and it obviously was EVERYWHERE. Literally floor to ceiling! Ha! Yet, I managed to the midnight spring cleaning :) and still get some sleep :)

    Hope everyone feels better soon! Tuck that experience under that mama belt :)