Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Whoooo loves owls!?

So this year for Christmas, thanks to Pinterest, I've been 'pinspired' to make ornaments, and gifts, and food, and crafts, and traditions, and...well you get the picture! So when a friend of mine posted on another friend's wall about the Christmas Owl...yeah I was what!?...the wheels started pinning, I mean turning!

If you haven't heard about the Christmas Owl, here's the little 'story' thingy taken from this blog post:

 “I’m a little Christmas Owl. Please hang me in your tree. I won’t say much while I’m here, but my eyes have much to see. When Santa starts to check his list, you know he checks it twice. He sends an owl to be his eyes and see whooo’s naughty and nice! So, every time you see an owl with his eyes so wide and bright… be on your best behavior for that owl is Santa’s sight!”

My sister in law LOVES owls! And she's a teacher so it's super fitting! I figured she'd have a tree in her classroom of 1st graders who would LOVE the idea of the owl. So back to pinterest I went and I found this little beauty.....
The full tutorial is at The gal who made them had super easy instructions...I don't do things that are hard to handle!
In all I made 7 owls, with one 'special order' on the docket for later.

 You can really see how small these are in the top left picture. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to do the group of three...sorry bout the bad quality picture...I was being lazo and didn't go get the good camera. The left one in the trio is maroon and turned out quite pretty! The right one, as painful as it was, is for our Iowa State friends. 'Santa' survived but just barely! In the top right picture, the blue one is ours for our all blue and silver and boring beautiful tree! The pink one is for a friend who just found out she's adding girl #3 to their family! So just had to do pink to celebrate!!

I didn't realize until just today that the lady used different colors for her wings and eyes....I just used brown for all of them. Mrs. S might get a funkier one for her classroom!
My changes/pointers for this tutorial:
1)Print the pattern on think you'll only do one but you'll love them and you'll find white sparkly rick rack at walmart and you'll do 7 more....before Dec 1 even!
2) I left out the belly on mine. I just did the rick rack on the main body part. I like it just as well...but your call. Just adds a step.
3)I used rick rack for the ribbon which is not a cost effective idea but oh so cute! But you could use ribbon of any kind.
4) The tute calls for small buttons for the eyes....I didn't have any and this was a "I have to do this craft right this instant" I just stitched my eyes. Just did a 4 part star thing.
I loved this ornament so much! In the tutorial, the gal mentions making one bigger for a lovey...I just may do that...especially since I just found some jumbo rick rack in my stash. Can't be too hard and would make a cute pillow/lovey for a nature type themed room...or owl lover...ahem my dear friend Jenni!!! :)
**The owl has worked wonders for the kids' behaviors...except for when the boy child hits the girl child upstairs and says, "I bet the owl missed that one!" I have visions of making one for every room...but that may be a bit too scary! I don't want to scar the poor kids!
For the ones I gifted, I hooked the saying (Just printed on computer paper) to it with a small safety pin and either hung it on a door knob, wrapped it, or mailed it. (They are really light so they don't cost much to send!)
(Also it was super fun to go 'Santa knocking' on people's doors yesterday....knock on the door, hang the owl and run!)
Enjoy the owls!!!!

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