Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Mother's Day...only 34 months late!

I spent part of my childhood (the best part!) in the Sandhills by Tryon, NE. It was there that I first developed my love for the Hereford cattle. My first (and I think only) 4H heifer was a Hereford.  I've always found the sight of a herd of the red-white-faced cattle grazing on hills of green to be sweet and the epitome of 'Home.' My Grandpa Dan welded a Hereford bull shaped mailbox. The love of this beautiful docile breed is fairly irrational...but runs deep anyway!

So anyway....this is love. Seriously. My husband loves me so much that, despite knowing that Herefords are not exactly well known for their calving ease or their lack of prolapses or their great eye health, he decided he would indulge my dream of owning some....and promised me one for Mother's Day....2010! There was a sweet little ticket on my pillow.

So the search was on! She had to look like a 'classic' Hereford. We looked around...Easter of 2011 was born the perfect match for me...according to Merle and the rancher. The original idea was that I'd feed a bucket calf and she would be a pet. But thanks to a husband who's a vet and a brother in law who's a rancher, I was convinced that leaving her on her mama until weaning and then running her with Blake's grass fed herd would give her better chances at being a great 'matriarc of the herd.' So on St. Patrick's Day, the day had come to go get our little Hereford heifer and bring her home! So without further adieu...Meet Gladys, my first Hereford heifer!

She's not solid Hereford, she's Hereford and something something with a bit of something....(aka theoretically she should have better calving ease, decreased prolapse tendency and better eyes...and if she doesn't? Well Daddy's a vet so we're covered!!!) but she's so purdy and I love her already!

The name? Well I was going for a sweet old fashioned name and that one popped into my head. Now, it also happens to be my Great Grandma's first I'd like to point out that she's in no way named AFTER Gramma King but bears the same name by coincidence! But when I think about it, Gramma was sweet, kind, wise, and a wonderful mother....which I would think are very good traits for a cow!

So cross our fingers! This adventure begins! I'm so in love with her and have assured the guys that yes they can (& will) fit her whole name on her ear tag...this is what I had in mind. ;)

Ha ha! Just kidding!! But it better have her name on it somewhere!!! I don't imagine we'll be big time ranchers, but having a Hereford in my herd (herd of one till next spring anyways!) makes me smile!

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  1. Yeah, so glad to meet Gladys! I for one love her name and believe that Grandma King would also. Congratulations to you and your family....