Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let the Adventure Begin!

So I've been thinking for quite sometime that I'd love to join the blogging world. There are several blogs I follow and L.O.V.E. love! I get a lot of inspiration and encouragement from watching other mama's make their homes into beautiful places for their families to live and grow and learn to love Jesus. I knew that I wouldn't have time to do that while I was still a 'work outta the home' Mama. So now that the countdown is on to my last day (9 more work days!), I decided to start my blog up. So let's try a 25 random things to get this going!
1. As of March 31 I will have two new employers...Paxton & Lyla, ages 4 and 1.
2. I love them more than one else has the ability to make me lose my mommy guard and giggle!  (Like today when Paxton was about to be scolded and he decides to do this hilarious belly dance which made me laugh...much to my dismay. How does he do that!?)
3. My favorite things to make in the kitchen are: homemade ice cream and apple pie.
4. My #1 obsession is how I'm going to decorate the house. I'm even dreaming about it! (Hopefully the blog will be an outlet!)
5. 25 things is a lot to come up with!
6. My son is named after my great grandma's maiden name and his daddy's middle name, Paxton Jacob.
7. Lyla's named after the lead actress in August Rush. As well as our dear friend Carol who passed away just hours before Ly was us Lyla Caroline.
8. My white knight and I have been married almost 7 years. Really? That long!
9. We have a beautiful baby girl waiting for us up in Heaven....Addison Rose.
10. She's the only reason I know a single thing about rose gardening! (Stay tuned for her garden this summer!)
11. I love chocolate! I love it to eat, to look at and to decorate with!
12. The blog name comes from my letterboxing trail name Pinwheel Pioneer....
13. ...which comes from my love of the pinwheel quilt block. I love to husband thinks it's dumb!
14. I love to laugh....
15. It seems like my house is rampant with unorganized organization! (#378 on my "GoalsWhenIStayHome" list)
16. I am a floral designer at a store owned by one of my best's so fun...and stressful!
17. My favorite drink is what I call 'Foot Juice' (only because it smells like feet!) Apple Cider Vinegar, pomegranet Crystal Light and dietary iodine....Sounds terrible but is like coffee to my tired need more energy body!
18. I have no idea what to make for supper tonight!
19. I need to go for a run to train for this half marathon I signed up for!....ugh!
20. I have about 20 surrogate children....ages ranging from Ground Zero Youth Group kids.
21. I still haven't mailed all of my Christmas letters yet!
22. I can't get enough of little girl tights! So glad they are so 'in'...even if they aren't Lyla's gonna sport them!
23. My name comes from my Dad. Tony LeRon. Contrary to popular belief my 'r' isn't big....Leron!
24. I could spend all day and all night quilting....with pinwheels!
25. Jesus is my Lord and Savior and He amazes me with His love every day.

Wow...ok well I think we're off to a good start! And I still have just enough time to get the kitchen clean and get some supper in the oven....we're back to that again. What goes good with Apple Pie?

Thanks for stopping by!

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