Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wooden Huevos aka Painted Eggs

I'm so excited to post my first craft blog! I got the idea to paint a dozen wooden eggs for Easter this year. I decided to paint them bright colors then distress them. So here you have it....Wooden Huevos...(blame Merle for the catchy name....I'm not joking!)

 I chose a paint collection for convenience...use whatever paints. I also think it would be super cute to do a black, red, white version for a year round decor in a rooster kitchen. (Rose has these black and white roosters with red combs that make me want a black and white and red kitchen!)
 Any ways....paint all the eggs. I did one thick coat and then touched up where my fingers were. I painted 8 solid colors and 4 a tanish color to do speckling.

 After the paint was 20 minutes. I used a medium sand paper and distressed them. This happens to be my favorite egg! Love the bright teal.

I had a cute Easter bowl...originally was thinking about a great big Mason jar...but found this. Also check out the speckled ones. I dipped an old paintbrush in paint and splattered away...I tried to take a! I needed more hands!

So the whole project was about....6 bucks. The eggs came in packs of 4 for 2.99 (half price sale at HoLo so $1.50...Kachiga!) and the paint was $2 $6.50? Oh yeah! Winner winner!

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